The Value of Advice

Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients live the best life possible given the amount of money they have. We accomplish this by providing organization, accountability, objectivity, proactivity, education and partnership. It’s very difficult to quantify the value of these services, but below is a summary of three studies that attempted to do so. All three found the potential economic impact gained from working with a high quality financial planner to be significant.  

Fee-only fiduciary pricing

As a fee-only fiduciary, Expat Financial Planning provides individualized financial advice. Therefore, we do not charge the traditional “one size fits all” (1% to 1.5%) of assets under management. This approach has resulted in conflicts of interest between the client and the advisor in addition of the classification and prioritization of clients based on assets such as client tier  A,B, or C. We believe in offering the same quality of service to all our clients despite the amount of assets we manage for you. Thus, our fees are based on the complexity, needs and goals of each client.


    Fee-only fiduciary pricing

    The financial planning process is truly unique for each family. The following questions will help us determine the complexity of your situation




    Option: 1

    Retainer Model: Ongoing Financial Planning 

    Option: 2

    One-time Financial Plan Only