Ongoing monitoring of your Financial Plan  is comprised of an organization component, four structured (60 to 90 minutes) sessions, a monthly calendar and annual timeline of financial tasks and events to help you maximize your finances, and ongoing support through email and phone.  Some clients are great at executing the recommendations proposed in their Financial Plan, for the rest we have an Expat expert Certified Financial Planner who is passionate about guiding you through every step of your financial plan

The most successful financial planners are the ones who can best identify client attitudes, feelings, and experiences related to money as a way to contextualize a client’s financial beliefs and behaviors
We make it easy for you and add a “Financial Planning Tasks” timeline to never miss any important
A successful Financial Plan is a combination of qualitative and softer skills needed by clients such as empathy, understanding, warmth, and sensitivity
Ongoing Financial Planning is about establishing a deep understanding in the client’s financial goals combined with client’s values and behavior around money
Clients prefer solving their concerns in collaboration with financial planners, rather than having a financial planner solve a problem for them
Working with a Certified Financial Planner™ year-long will ensure that all the aspects in your financial plan are addressed in an orderly manner.
We have developed a service calendar to make sure that not one financial need is left out from your financial plan throughout the year
Life events make Financial Plans subject to change and update throughout the year. For example, the birth of a new child, the new job post in a foreign country, the new marriage, and many other events make Ongoing Financial Planning a need more than a luxury, but a way to save money from expensive financial mistakes and make more money from taking the right decisions