Step one: Creating a Financial Plan

Who would benefit from a Customized Financial Plan? 


Those who want to avoid expensive financial mistake while living abroad, and who want to work with a fee-only financial planner who is legally required to act for the best interest of the client


Working professionals or business owners who are expats and want to optimize and maximize their assets and grow their wealth while abroad


Those who are often overwhelmed by news and information that often provides contradictory advice


Expat retirees looking for ongoing financial advice to preserve and protect their assets and help make the right decisions while living in a foreign country


Those who are planning to become expats and want the big picture of their finances as well as specific action steps to help them navigate life events or attain financial freedom


Those that might have been given advised from commissioned-industry advisers who may have made recommendations that resulted in high-fee products

Financial Plan


Technology package: client-only documents and  use of financial planning software tools such as client-secure vault, optional financial account integration, and real-time view to your financial plan, and budget online or via mobile


A comprehensive financial plan that includes:

  1. A strengths and weaknesses analysis of your finances with a global approach as an expat
  2. A written, easy-to-understand action plan
  3. Financial goal-setting and supported decisions
  4. A Net worth analysis to possess a full picture of your financial situation taking into account assets from different countries 
  5. A summary of your income, cashflows, and budget including any necessary recommendations
  6. Retirement projections based on your goals. If retired, predictions on the long-term durability of your plan with your particular lifestyle
  7. Investment advice aligned with your goals
  8. An asset allocation recommendation for retirement and non-retirement accounts
  9. Identification of strategies optimizing your financial position, including tax-advantaged accounts and debt including assets in different countries
  10. Global currency and investment analysis for expats
  11. Global tax planning review for expats 


Career planning and brainstorming as it is related to your financial well-being to maximize your income potential while living as an expat or as you prepare to become one


A review of your estate planning documents such as employee benefits, insurance policies and recommendations for adjustments with a global approach considering assets in more than one country 


Global referrals to other professionals, as needed, such as CPAs, insurance brokers, immigration, banking and attorneys to assist with the implementation of your financial plan




Transparent fee-only pricing:

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