Planing retirement for multinationals

Planing retirement for multinationals By Victor E Gersten, M.S., CFP® | August 27th, 2021. Are you planning on retiring in another country? Are you a multinational, dividing your work life between countries? Do you work abroad to support your family, and hope to return and live near them in retirement? This guide is for you.

Should I buy when I move abroad?

Should I buy when I move abroad? By Victor E Gersten, M.S., CFP® | July 28th, 2021. Are you dreaming of traveling to far-off lands and enjoying retirement without having to worry about finances? With a bit of planning, retirement abroad can become a reality!

Why Savers Pursuing Early Retirement Should Consider Limiting 401(k), IRA Contributions

By Donna Sellinger Editor, contribution by Victor Gersten, M.S., CFP®  | Nov 22, 2020 Editorial note: Barron´s Is it possible to overfund your retirement accounts? The conventional wisdom about retirement savings says to put as much as possible into an individual...

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