Serving the financial services industry since 2007

Victor Gersten,cfp®

Cross-Border Financial & Tax Planning Expert

Serving the financial services industry since 2007

My Story

I am not your typical financial advisor because of my unique background. I grew up in Mexico City in a household with a single mother and two sisters, thus, I have tremendous respect for women and a passion for seeing them succeed financially.

I have always been curious to see all that the world offers. I have been lucky enough to explore the impressive Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to the enigmatic city of Petra in Jordan, I have traveled to 40 countries. Hence, I understand why many Americans want to live abroad: rich cultures, exquisite cuisine, hospitable people, and let’s say it: a more affordable cost of living.

Since 2007 when I entered the financial services industry,  I have enjoyed doing financial and strategic planning for Americans who wish to move abroad and need some extra help planning around their finances. I’m particularly well-prepared for working with expats as I am a virtual financial advisor with a deep understanding of the financial needs of those who have a home away from home.

 Early retirement is more than just not working; it signifies attaining financial independence, i.e., the freedom to work on your terms.  My passion is helping you achieve your personal definition of financial success, whether that is early financial independence, retirement abroad, or something else. Let’s make a customized money investment plan that fits your needs! 

Who we work with:

We specialize in cross-border planning, working with U.S. professionals, retirees or business owners who either live full or part-time abroad, particularly in Mexico. In my experience, expats commonly ask how to manage their investments left in the United States, what the tax responsibilities are, and if there are any potential consequences to living abroad. 

We also work with individuals across the United States who are working toward attaining Financial Independence and  Retirement Early (F.I.R.E.) Regardless of your unique situation and needs, our expertise and skills  will guide you in realizing your financial goals and making informed decisions.


My approach to personal financial planning is unique. Typically when a prospect searches “financial planners near me,” they encounter professionals in the financial services industry who are generalists and cover very broad audiences, working with a wide spectrum of ages, occupations, locations, and income levels. I only focus on a handful of clients and niche markets to provide my clients with the most relevant and current industry knowledge, resources, and expertise that other financial professionals do not possess. This way I can create tailored money investment plans to meet specific needs.

If you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions, you are an ideal candidate for my services:

Our Personal Financial Planning Process

Let’s get to know each other and talk about your life plans

Learn more about our process and how we work:

1. Plan

Step one entails drafting the blueprints and laying the foundation of your financial house.

2. Implement

Step two involves implementing the blueprints and building the walls and roof to make it a unique financial home for your family.

3. Monitor

Step three focuses on optimizing, performing constant maintenance, and home improvements as your family’s needs change over time.

Personal Financial Planning Process

1. PLan


3. Monitor



Creating a Personal Financial Plan, a blueprint, is the first step to getting your financial house in order.

Financial Plans are unique for the needs of each client, and we use soft skills such as empathy, understanding, warmth, and sensitivity to understand the client’s psychology. 

What recommendations are included in a  Customized Personal Financial Plan?

  • Increase the bottom line through  optimization, investments, account types, and sources of income
  • Protect your assets and your loved ones with financial tools
  • Save money by optimizing and restructuring fees, insurance, and debt
  • Avoid making expensive behavioral mistakes with your finances




 The implementation phase is when we take the blueprint into reality and help you build your unique financial home.  

What does the implementation phase entail?  

  • Assistance with the opening of new investment and bank accounts of your choosing as per plan recommendations such as money investment plans
  • Assistance placing trades, re-allocating assets among various types of investment accounts
  • Assistance calling multiple third parties to implement recommendations
  • Assistance researching insurance, investments, and other products while always having only your the best interest in mind
  • Assistance researching subject matter experts needed as per the plan




Ongoing monitoring will help you stay on track from month four on.

What does Ongoing Monitoring include? 

  • Life events make Personal Financial Plans subject to change throughout the year (newborn, wedding, promotions)
  • Clients prefer solving their concerns in collaboration with financial planners, rather than having a financial planner solve a problem for them. Thus, working with a Certified Financial Planner™ year-long will ensure that all the aspects in your financial plan are addressed in an orderly manner
  • We have developed a service calendar to make sure that not one personal financial planning need is left out from your financial plan throughout the year
  • I serve my clients virtually from the confort of their home

How we can help you

Get the most out of your financial planning experience

Comprehensive Financial Plan includes a Technology Package to help you every step of the way 

Booking an


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or would like to proceed with a booking:

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